Michael J Paulus

Experience Design Leader


: someone unusual, rare, unique. Or just good at being a generalist?


I am a frontend designer that loves frontend development as much as I love design. What was that? Do you say you want to know if I like design or development better? Well, that's easy, it's both! I have such a strong belief that knowing both is important to bridge the gap between design and engineering. As a designer, I love understanding the possibilities and constraints of different browsers, devices, and user interactions. As a developer, I respect the consistency and rigidity that complex design systems and component libraries add value to an application's usability. I relish in the thought that advances in dev technology will continue to drive my ability to be a better designer. Being a generalist is unique, and I feel fortunate to have been here for almost all of my career.


Human Factor - Do work that will directly improve people's lives.

Supported Design - Work with a team where human-centered design is the center of developing a product and business.

Growth Mindset - A supportive journey together through open feedback is an opportunity to grow not only as individuals but as a collective.

Autonomy with Intention - disciplined in thought and action. What am I doing, and why am I doing it.

Work Examples

I have some work examples that can be viewed here. Requires a super secret password to access. You can email me to get that.